King John and the Magna Carta 

King John signing the Magna Carta
King John was born on the 24th of December 1166 at Beaumont palace in Oxford. His parents were Henry the 2nd and Eleanor of Aquitaine. He Ascended to the throne on the 6th of April 1199 aged 32. King John died on the 18th of October 1216 at Newark castle age 49 he died the year after the Magna Carta was signed.

King John took the throne after the death of his bother King Richard. Then King John put up all the taxes to the people so he could get what he wanted the people were very angry and wanted king John to change it back to how it was when King Richard was in charge.     
A monarch have absolute  power laws they demand taxes. The monarchs had noble advisers. The monarchs made the laws and sent them to the parliament where they were made into laws. The orders from the monarchs were sent to the sheriff in each shire; the sheriff collected the taxes and made sure the people obeyed the monarch’s laws. The people had no say what the taxes would be spend on.

The Magna Carta is a law that no person should be imprisoned; outlawed, banished or destroyed we will not proceed against or prosecute him. In 1215 king John was forced to sign the Magna Carta because they said that they would kill him if he didn't that's why he signed the Magna Carta, and agreed to give power back to the people they had no taxes no wars and no laws unless the people agreed. 

The Magna Carta limited the monarchs power and gave it to the people the king couldn’t kill someone unless the people agreed to kill that person.
The purpose of the Magna Carta is to limit the power of the monarchs and give it to the people so they had the right to vote.